Best o/t Web 21 Mar 10

:: Subtitles don’t fly in America. :: Following up on a script submission, the protocol. :: Cut out the ‘hello how are you,’ caller ID in screenplays. :: Consider your kind of story – now compare with those similar. :: “Speccability”: what to write. :: Based on a true story: the problems you may encounter. :: The golden rule, always be entertaining. … Read more

Better Things to Come may show some less than convenient quirks this weekend.   Lee and I are flying our trusted server over to a faster and more reliable host in sunny California. Meanwhile you can just keep reading… photo credit: ArtBrom UPDATE 24 March ’10: When you click on a category link, you’ll get the home page … Read more

Marketing The Epic Story

Every screenwriter has a blockbuster story that is going to make them millions and catapult them in to the ‘A’ list in one fell swoop. Yet, how do you get your script to the right people? Steven Fernandez shares a few secrets to getting that story made. HOW THEY THINK Are you writing, or already … Read more

Your screenwriting software of choice?

Gone are the days when you only had to choose between The Beatles and The Stones, i.e. between Final Draft or MM Screenwriter. Thank God for the impact of the web on screenwriting, with a plethora of new options marketed to all screenwriters, rich or poor. The list keeps growing by the day.

Cut the feelings

If I read the line ‘she smiled at him lovingly’ one more time, I swear I will kill the writer. Uncountable are the screenplays where characters are constantly smiling, looking ‘lovingly’, expressing ‘dark anger’. Some inexperienced writers are of the belief they can implant emotions into the brain of the audience simply by describing the … Read more