Best of the Web 20 Oct

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[Video]: Words Are Not Writing

Screenwriting guru Robert McKee looks at the essence of screenplay writing: if the dialogue, the big print, and the actions are all modified in pre-production, then what is the writer actually contributing to a film? McKee looks at the nature of turning a script into a film, and concludes that the single most important thing … Read more

Without Dramatic Conflict Your Characters Are Boring

Most of the screenplays I read lack dramatic conflict. Characters just talk and say empty words. Nothing’s happening. Often, the reason for this is because we don’t push ourselves to find drama in the lives of our characters. by D.B. Gilles So maybe we look into our own lives for some dramatic conflict to inspire … Read more

Mini Review – Mystery Road

Mystery Road Mercifully Short Review by Jonathan Empson Jay (Aaron Pedersen – who else?) is an Aboriginal cop who returns to his country town following detective training, and is thrown immediately into a murder case. A dead Indigenous girl has been found in a culvert; she was a friend of his teenage daughter, who lives … Read more

Best of the Web 13 Oct

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