Write Your World (3)

Perhaps you are already a pro at using your scenic descriptions to create a tangible environment for your characters, but do you also use it to show your audience who those characters truly are? by Margaret M. MacDonald. Think of your home.  Is it old or new?  Bright or dark?  Cluttered or clean? What would … Read more

Write Your World (2)

Hopefully my last article encouraged a few writers, far to fearful of accidentally directing, to use the power of scenic description to bravely walk their characters out of empty rooms and into the wider world. by Margaret M. MacDonald. But does your scenic description flow with the rest of your script or does it sit … Read more

Write Your World

Screenwriters often forget how much power they have. The screenwriter is the first person to paint a clear picture of a finished film with the words they choose to put on the page, and that picture should always include every essential detail. by Margaret M. MacDonald Great screenwriters will gracefully focus the camera without ever … Read more

Technology Making Better Television

You may think I’m talking about HD channels and the advent of 3D television, but I don’t mean increased picture quality when I say better television, I mean better writing. Think about your favorite show on television today. by Margaret M. MacDonald What happens when you miss an episode? Do you TiVo or DVR it? … Read more

Consciousness and Capability [Syd Field]

I was recently privileged to hear story guru Syd Field lecturing to a crowd of fellow filmmakers during his first trip to Sydney. He presented us with a theoretical discussion about modern technology, modern storytelling and our very modern brains. by Margaret M. MacDonald To sum up Syd’s point (which is not easy to do from a … Read more