Hero’s Journey In The Wire

The Wire has a Hero’s Journey, in case you missed it.  It is also the one TV show I keep going back to. The HBO production first aired in June 2002, and since then, the show won a large following of people who – like me – call it the best show on TV, ever. The original … Read more

Best o/t Web 11 Mar

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Technology Making Better Television

You may think I’m talking about HD channels and the advent of 3D television, but I don’t mean increased picture quality when I say better television, I mean better writing. Think about your favorite show on television today. by Margaret M. MacDonald What happens when you miss an episode? Do you TiVo or DVR it? … Read more

The best eggs come after Easter

Stop press! Here is the next best thing to hit the blogosphere after the release of the Raiders Story Conference. Jason Kottke was tipped off on some scripts of The Wire that are accessible through an online file server. The Wire is to my taste (and many others) the best TV drama you will find. … Read more