Structure: Toy Story 3

Toy Story 3 is my favorite movie of the year and it will be hard to beat this. Usually when my expectations are high, I end up disappointed. Not here. The movie pays off on every possible level. It’s fun, emotional and has tremendous depth. I have seen it three times, each in a different … Read more

Best o/t Web 6 Jun

:: Scott Myers pays tribute to Mystery Man
:: The Joker won’t come back
:: Women in film, where are they?
:: Don’t over-research, keep it interesting.
:: Michael Arndt & Pixar: how they do what they do.
:: 10 Time Magazine readers’ questions for George Romero.
:: How to write a well-described action sequence.
:: Stop it with the sequels already!
:: Making it simple: all your character needs for story is a problem and a goal.
:: Stay up to date on script, treatment and pitch sales & options made each day.
Put your character through hell: lessons learned from Star Trek TNG.
:: When “all you have to do is write a great script.” The how to guide.

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Arcs and Endings (3)

In a Q&A for Creative Screenwriting Magazine, Michael Arndt made the point that “happy endings are really underrated”. It got me thinking. What’s wrong with a Hollywood ending? If you have a truly well-written story, why would a happy ending diminish its value? Why is it that writers believe happy endings are a cheap Hollywood … Read more