Bold Reimagining or Pale Imitation?

Having read thousands of scripts and watched hundreds of films and television dramas I’ve found that classic stories appear over and over again. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing. by Hayley McKenzie We’re always hearing that audiences and producers want films and screenplays that are ‘the same but different’. So how do you deliver … Read more

Where Are All The Heroines On TV?

I’ve been enjoying Atlantis with my kids and both my son and daughter love it. They like the humour, the emotional drama, the action and the adventure. But I was sitting there wondering, what sort of message does this send my daughter? by Hayley McKenzie The female characters are either passive love interest or evil. … Read more

Writing Drama With Ambition and the Rise of the Co-Production

We’ve long had a love-affair with American television drama and the list of US shows we love to watch is long. by Hayley McKenzie Whether you were there twenty years ago with The Sopranos, E.R and Grey’s Anatomy, or ten years ago with House and Dexter, or are just discovering the joys of The Americans, … Read more

Surviving Script Development

Congratulations! After all that hard work and self-doubt you’ve finally had your spec script optioned / been commissioned to write a treatment or script. It feels like you’ve won the lottery. The euphoria is amazing, you feel like you’ve finally made it in the industry and your tv show/feature film is going to be made! … Read more