Surviving Script Development

Congratulations! After all that hard work and self-doubt you’ve finally had your spec script optioned / been commissioned to write a treatment or script. It feels like you’ve won the lottery. The euphoria is amazing, you feel like you’ve finally made it in the industry and your tv show/feature film is going to be made! … Read more

[Video]: Dean Craig on Not Writing for the Money

Video Post On The Story Department

Dean Craig (Death at a Funeral, A Few Best Men) gives you a little pep talk about focusing on screenwriting. Seriously. Stop going out. To hell with your social life. Figure out how you’re going to get the script done. If you liked this, check out more videos about screenwriting or filmmaking. And if you … Read more

Video: Robert McKee monologues on Dialogue

Robert McKee is known for his Story weekend and his “Ten Commandments” of screenwriting. In this video, the screenwriting guru shoots from the hip about the 10 mortal sins that makes good dialogue go bad. If you liked this, check out more videos about screenwriting or filmmaking. And if you know of a great video … Read more

Your fastest draft ever

Did you know there’s a Secret Weapon to improve your script immediately, in a matter of minutes? Final Draft has it, Microsoft Word has it. Every single word processor has it. It’s the “Find/Replace” function. Okay, perhaps it’s more like a ‘pass’ rather than a ‘draft’. Still, you can have a notably slicker draft in … Read more

Guilty Pleasures

Writer/Producer Meg Shields reflects on the development of her script which recently won the Bill Warnock Feature Writers Awards in WA.  Will this mean a future in which she can buy her kids birthday cakes without the guilt of not baking them? With Australian films struggling at the box office and many great writers out of work, … Read more