Structure: The Untouchables

David Mamet has never equaled the tremendous power of his eighties screenplays. The Postman Always Rings Twice, The Verdict, The Untouchables and even his own directorial debut House of Games, starring his then wife Lindsay Crouse.

The Untouchables has always been my favorite. De Palma turned the script into the most cinematic of Mamet’s writing.

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Structure: Up

A structural overview of UP (Pete Docter, Bob Peterson, Thomas McCarthy 2009 I’ve been a big Pixar fan since stupidly missing out on the theatrical run of The Incredibles. In 2008 the festival potential of my own short animation Tin Can Heart – wr/dir. by Rod March – vaporised when Wall-E appeared weeks after the … Read more

When the script and story gurus speak

Most ‘gurus’ each have their own area of expertise and angle of attack, they each follow their own agenda. And with every new light shed on the craft, different people may see that light. Don’t they ever contradict each other? And if they do, which truth do YOU choose? Screenwriting is a dynamic craft. What … Read more

Events vs. Actions

In the context of story I often speak of EVENTS and ACTIONS. In essence it’s a very simple and at the same time hugely important concept. Among many other things it can save you from the dreaded ‘passive protagonist’ syndrome. Simply put, it’s about Action and Re-action.┬áIn the context of story however, this will make … Read more

Plot => Character (Rituals => Tribe)

Character or plot. Which comes first? Some say character prevails, others say it’s a chicken and egg thing. But … how do you define a character? In film, you can only reveal what a character is about by showing its actions. Dialogue doesn’t work, because it sounds false, ‘on the nose’. As a matter of … Read more