Movie Moment: Blade Runner – Meeting The Maker

Rarely does a memorable movie scene lack the main character; this one does. And Blade Runner lacks a lot more… like a plot that works. Despite all the hype before and after the release, the movie was a commercial disaster, grossing only $14m in 1982. by Karel Segers Rarely does a memorable movie scene lack … Read more

[The Writing Director]: My Relationship with Criticism

“This is probably the gayest clip ever made.” This is what I’m getting myself into. I spotted this constructive feedback on a music video I wrote and directed last month. Having given this a fair amount of thought, I still haven’t quite figured out what the person who posted this was thinking when they wrote … Read more

[The Graduate]: Take It From The Top and Start From The Bottom

No, I’m not talking about the film – sorry to disappoint – but I am inclined to feel like Benjamin Braddock every now and then. Where am I going? What do I do now? Where will I take myself after completing a great milestone? I am stuck at the crossroads… by Marie Setiawan Let me … Read more

Brace Yourself, Screenwriter! It’s The Come-Back Of Structure Man

Yes friends, that is me in the pic. Even more surprising, it is actually me writing this. With my – temporary – new look comes a new vigor and plan to write more. Hopefully not so temporary. In any case I’m back! (Voice In My Head: “But we’ll see how long for…”) by Karel Segers … Read more

[Video]: Pulitzer-winning writer David Lindsay-Abaire on Rise of the Guardians


Pulitzer-winning playwright and screenwriter David Lindsay-Abaire talks about the genesis of his script for Rise of the Guardians, adapted from the children’s series of the same name, and how making an animated epic challenged both the writer and the studio. If you liked this, check out more videos about screenwriting or filmmaking. And if you … Read more