On Collaboration

Adulthood drastically lessened the time I devoted to writing, although not the time I spent thinking about stories. Search ‘the screenwriter’ on Vimeo. I dare you. You’ll be confronted with dozens of videos encapsulating the stereotype of the screenwriter … by Jamie Wynen … a brooding, frustrated figure sitting at their desk, striking furiously at … Read more

Chick Flick

The third film in our series of short animations nominated for an Inside Film award is ‘Chicken of God’, directed and written by the animated Frank Woodley; Aussie comedian extraordinaire. Frank tells us about writing, directing and chickens. How does someone who’s known for their physical comedy go about creating comedy in animation? I’ve always … Read more

Animation Imagination

Our short film season reached an unexpected climax with the nomination of ‘Tin Can Heart’ for an Inside Film Award Best Animation alongside The Cat Piano and Chicken of God. Writer/director Rod March talks about writing for animation. What was the starting point for ‘Tin Can Heart’? I saw an image of a lonely android … Read more

Short Film Science & Fiction

It took me seven years and three short films to radically change my mind about the nature of these little beasts. One, two or three acts, the story principles are still identical to feature drama. Yet shorts won’t teach you how to write a “big movie”. In terms of distribution and audience approval, my films … Read more