[Video]: Sucker Punch’s Hidden Subversiveness


It’s still puzzling why Zack Snyder’s pop-culture pastiche film Sucker Punch bombed out. Many critics felt that it alienated its audiences by rampantly objectifying women as action heroes in skin-tight outfits, and ultimately the $82 million movie failed to have much commercial or cultural impact. If you were of the same opinion – you were … Read more

Movie Moment: The Untouchables – Mexican Standoff

Let’s face it, ever since David Mamet started directing his own movies, his screenwriting has gone downhill (Glengarry Glen Ross was a play first, remember). His last master piece for the screen was The Untouchables (1987), which he wrote for Brian De Palma. I saw the film at the Venice Film Festival where that year … Read more

Best of the Web 20 Jan

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Brace Yourself, Screenwriter! It’s The Come-Back Of Structure Man

Yes friends, that is me in the pic. Even more surprising, it is actually me writing this. With my – temporary – new look comes a new vigor and plan to write more. Hopefully not so temporary. In any case I’m back! (Voice In My Head: “But we’ll see how long for…”) by Karel Segers … Read more