Confessions of a Scriptwriter (2)

What makes a scriptwriter? Have you really got what it takes to be successful? Fresh back from presenting The Fantastical World of Scriptwriting in New York for the celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Woodstock, in this second contribution to The Story Department, filmmaker and teacher Jack Feldstein bares all and gives us his honest … Read more

The Psychology of Scriptwriting (4)

THE EMPOWERMENT THEORY Machiavelli postulated that man’s quest is for power. He said that no-one is more miserable than a disempowered man. Ironically, he wrote his thesis as a book called THE PRINCE but when he presented it, hoping to impress his Medici rulers, to reap glory (and status), they hated it. And banished Machiavelli … Read more

The Psychology of Scriptwriting (3)

PART 3: THE ID THEORY In an average life, most people have a very constricted time. Rarely is a person satisfied with as much sex, food, money and fun as he/she desires. Mostly, society (and health issues) enforce humans to lead somewhat disgruntled lives. Because the alternative, if everyone did exactly what their hearts desired … Read more

The Psychology of Scriptwriting (2)

Narcissus was a handsome fellow who fell in love with his own reflection. Unfortunately, it ended badly. by Jack Feldstein THE NARCISSISTIC THEORY It might be said that scriptwriters are those who fall in love with their own thoughts. And the process of recording those thoughts is scriptwriting. This explains the intense anger often experienced … Read more

The Psychology of Scriptwriting (1)

As the first in a series of guest articles, I am honoured to present Jack Feldstein’s four-part series on the psychology of screenwriting. Enjoy! THE PSYCHOLOGY OF SCRIPTWRITING Or: why a seemingly sane person sits in a room staring at a blank page. By Jack Feldstein Since almost the invention of writing in Sumeria, certain … Read more